Thursday, July 26:   How to describe how that swim felt yesterday, or how delicious that Real Things pizza and Cannery Brewery beer tasted yesterday about 8 PM – and not much longer after that I tumbled into a blissful sleep.     Another of those amazing things about challenging yourself is the absolute divine

Wednesday, July 25: Of course, it’s another clear blue sky day as they tend to dawn around here from July through September! We make our way (about an hour’s drive) back to meet up with the others at Idabel Lake. It’s a gorgeous morning but have a feeling it’s going to get hot today. We

Wednesday, July 26th: I meet Teresa at 9 AM – a little later today as we have a shorter (albeit uphill!) day today at Little Dipper and we wave farewell to Frauke. As we are in kind of a cruisy mode today, we opt to stop in Beaverdell and grab a coffee – you’ve just

When this tour was being planned (realistically somewhat pieced together!) to suit all of our different schedules (which are basically insane mid-summer) I told Teresa not to expect an itinerary like any on our website – if she wanted to come along it would have to be a bit of a “take it as it

KVR Cycle Tours – Cycling the KVR – Lone Wolves Day 1 She called during a busy spell, when I had about 5 different groups out on the KVR- all in different areas at once. It’s a bit of a juggling act some mornings – texting to remind of shuttle times, weather forecast, obstacles to

We just finished cycling from Midway to Penticton and on to Osoyoos – we cycled over 6 days and travelled 320 kilometres on the Kettle Valley Rail Trail – it was spectacular and the trail was even better than I had hoped.  Since I last cycled it about 12 years ago, the trail has improved

We have now added a couple of interesting features – a map and elevation/distance scale – see the “Maps” section here to get an overview of the Midway to Penticton Route.  We are also adding in places to stay in the Accommodation sections – please drop a line if you have any comments or suggestions!

Hi and thanks for visiting!  We are continuing to add more information to the website as quickly as possible.  If you are planning a cycling trip on the KVR this summer we would love to hear from you with questions or suggestions – in the meantime, please come back often and see what’s new!

Welcome to the Kettle Valley Rail Trail website! as you can see, we are still working on this site and adding more information every day.  We hope that this will become a great resource for people wanting to experience this incredible trail in the midst of British Columbia. This website covers the Carmi section of