We would like to take a moment to advise you of our policy regarding our tours and cycling the KVR this summer and plans unfolding for 2021.

These are very uncertain and changing times and we must be willing to change and support each other through them.

Since starting the KVR Cycle Tours business by first launching our www.kettlevalleyrailtrail.com resource website in 2011, there have been plenty of challenging times.  Some of these have had to do with advocacy for the KVR trail itself – and trying to help support the rural communities and economies this iconic trail represents.

So, it was with a heavy heart that we had, in light of the uncertainties of Covid-19, cancelled our summer 2020 season. 

However! We are now accepting bookings for this season – 2021. We have new policies in place, a flexible policy to change your bookings (or cancel) if need be due to Covid.  We have an extremely busy season ahead and are currently working hard to fit everyone in so our apologies for the delays.  

We are at the same time working on a number of “Plan B’s” as well as “Covid Protocols” so that we are prepared for a variety of scenarios as best we can be.  If you are unsure of the status of your booking, please feel free to contact us via email at kettlevalleyrailtrail@gmail.com.  

Unfortunately we are unable to take out of country/overseas bookings at this time and we do look forward to the day we can welcome our cyclist friends from around the world once again, for 2021, we are prioritising domestic/Canadian travellers.

Please do email us if you would like to ride the KVR in 2021 as we are already getting very fully booked and will sell out much earlier than we normally do as we are also re-booking our 2020 guests.

I have been overwhelmed by the positivity of you, my fellow cyclists and guests and grateful for all of your kind words and offers, and do sincerely hope to meet you all in health and happiness in 2021.

We wish you, your friends and family, all the best, and thank you for your patience and your support through this very challenging time.

2021 will include a celebration of our 10th year organising and operating self-guided cycle tours on the KVR, and we hope you come along to celebrate too!

Paula Sheridan and the team at KVR Cycle Tours

For more information on Covid-19 and Trails/closures in British Columbia: