How soon do I need to book a tour?

We have “hibernated” our tours for the past two summers – 2020 & 2021.  We have many cyclists who were already booked, for both seasons, and we are delighted to be “rolling them over” to 2022.

We are limiting our upcoming season to ensure that we can cater 100% to our guests as we always have done.  The KVR is challenging in itself, and we want you to feel safe and looked after, so will be limiting our departures for the coming season.

At this stage we are NOT accepting overseas bookings, other than ones already in place.  This is mostly due to further restrictions/complications and the fact that we are already nearly 100% booked for 2022 with prior bookings and wait lists.

If you are not already booked, or have not already contacted us for 2022, we can put you on a “wait list” and contact you once our current inquiries are confirmed to see if there are any places left.


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