Tell me more about KVR Cycle Tours and what you offer.

We are a small business, operating since 2011.  This is our own information website and was first set up to provide information for cyclists to access the KVR – a former railway that begins at Mile 0 in Midway in the east and runs through to Hope in the west.

There has been very little information available online, or anywhere really, for the KVR and we felt it woefully abandoned.  In fact, much of the trail is still not well managed or maintained, despite our many years of pressing, pushing and advocacy!  However, we insist on persevering as it is such a tremendous resource and trail, despite its challenges.

We have, for nearly 12 years (minus 2 for Covid!)  organised self-guided cycle tours which are a minimum of 4 days in length and include accommodation, transport generally from Penticton to Midway or Rock Creek, meals where they are unavailable, (or better provided!), maps and route directions, luggage support, trail information and updates and congratulations at the end of it all!  The KVR is rugged in places, has long, remote sections with no facilities and can be very challenging to organise – so we are here to help.

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