Where can I get a map of the KVR?

We now have maps available for the KVR – designed and printed locally they are 100% KVR – with detail on how to get into places off the trail such as Beaverdell, Rock Creek and Naramata – these 11 x 17″ full colour maps are 2-sided.  Midway to Beaverdell, Beaverdell to Myra Canyon, McCulloch to Chute including Myra Canyon and Chute Lake to Penticton comprise the Carmi Subdivision  – or the popular Midway to Penticton route.

Add the city of Penticton plus the Southern Spur Route to Oliver & Osoyoos for a set of 6 – there is also a one-sided “overview map” of the KVR.

Have them shipped to help you plan your route or email us for information kettlevalleyrailtrail@gmail.com

or place an online map order

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