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Set of 5 full size, full colour maps – includes shipping! Kettle Valley Rail Trail maps are large scale, (11″ x 17″) full colour, detailed maps. KVR Map Series 1-5 includes Midway to Penticton and the Southern Spur Route to Osoyoos.

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Update for 2022 – Maps unavailable for 2022 while we review the changes from the past two years – please find out more here:

While we have hibernated due to covid the past two years, our maps are now outdated with the many changes that have occurred over this time.  Our maps were originally drafted to provide for our self-guided tours which we offer.  We found no resources available for the KVR, so set to with a map maker to make our own! and then offer them up to all cyclists.  We do include accommodation and campgrounds on these maps.  However, with all the changes occurring, it is due to this, that we have decided to not re-print our current version, but will take this season (2022) to review these changes, which are still unfolding, (some providers are no longer operating or are still undergoing changes) and we look forward to relaunching this popular map series for 2023.  Please refer to our “Where to Stay” section for more information on distances and elevation gains and losses between stops.

We also recommend Trails BC, a volunteer organisation advocating for and providing support and information, for cyclists.  Please consider helping be a part of this by taking out a membership with them – they work tirelessly to help our trails!  ($25).  They have some great mapping resources on their website which you may find very useful, or just contact them for help.

All maps are shipped via Canada Post/mailing tube.

Our Kettle Valley Rail Trail maps are large scale, (11″ x 17″) full colour, detailed maps and designed specifically for cyclists to find their way along the trail and to adjacent towns & accommodation.  Each set contains all 5 full colour maps from Midway to Penticton and the Southern Spur route to Osoyoos plus an overview map on reverse side of each.

They include applicable detours and routes off the KVR into towns and some accommodation providers along the trail.

They are also beautiful souvenirs and definitely frame-able.

  • The series covers the KVR “Carmi subdivision” in Maps 1-4: Midway to Beaverdell, Beaverdell to McCulloch Lake (includes Myra Canyon), McCulloch Lake to Chute Lake (includes Myra Canyon), Chute Lake to Penticton
  • Maps 5 helps you find your way on the southern spur route to Oliver & Osoyoos.
  • Each 11” x 17” map has our KVR Overview map on one side, plus a detailed route section on the reverse.

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