The KVR stretches over 450 kilometres from Midway to Hope BC and covers a huge variety of terrain.  Trails BC, Spirit of 2010 and TCT all contribute to keeping the trail alive as do many volunteers and volunteer groups.

Despite best efforts, sometimes conditions can be more challenging than expected, or unexpectedly closed!  We will endeavour to help you with these as best as possible, but please be aware, these updates are to the author’s best knowledge only and may change as unexpectedly as the weather as that is often what affects this trail the most.

The KVR in most areas should be considered a “wilderness trail” and expect to experience it as such.  Always let someone know where you are going and your expected date and time of arrival.  Pack more water than you think, and more food than you might need “just in case”.  Also be wildlife aware – there are bears, cougars, wolves, coyotes and rattlesnakes to name just a few of the creatures you may be sharing the trail with! and now, having put you at ease!,  let’s take a look at the latest:

June 8th, 2014

Work in progress at Myra Canyon in June 2014:

This just in from BC Parks – Starting on June 11, 2014 until June 27, 2014 crews will be working in the area of trestle 6. Expect periodic delays between the Ruth Station parking lot and trestle 6 from Monday through Friday during this time. Please respect the work crews that are working on site and follow their instructions. There will be a full day closure of the section of the trail by trestle 6 during the week of June 16-20, exact day to be determined.

Other than that, it’s still the time of year to be prepared for both spring and summer.  Expect lots of standing water along the summit from Arlington Lakes to Myra Canyon.  It is still cool at the higher elevations but getting hot days in both Rock Creek and Okanagan.  Be prepared for mosquitos especially if you are camping!  and as always, be sure to watch out for and keep clear of wildlife.  Have fun and enjoy the ride!

May 18th, 2014

Trail Conditions for spring biking:
It may be hot and sunny down in the valleys, but keep in mind there is still snow/flooding on the trail up high.  Having said that, it’s been an easy winter on the trail and it’s all go for the summer!  the Myra Canyon Trestle Bridge #3 has been repaired – you can see the update here:

We are starting up self-guided tour packages in June this year and running through until end of September.  For tour packages & prices feel free to contact us with your dates and number of people and we’ll put a trip together for you!

Be prepared for everything if you are doing a multi-day trip, especially including getting your feet wet!  Enjoy the trail and some great spring cycling on the KVR!

August 17th, 2013:

MYRA CANYON DETOUR NOW OPEN! yes, it’s taken quite some time, but a big job is a big job!  Some points to note before you plan to travel through this area:  the detour has some steep sections – it is intended ONLY as a walking track so please do not attempt to cycle it as you could be dislodging debris and there may be workers on the trestle below you.  It is approximately 1.3 kilometres in length and will take about 45 minutes to walk the detour.  It is not suitable for bike trailers, or children’s seats etc.  If you need to have a trailer with you for your cycle tour, plan to “portage” your gear which will add length to your cycle day.

Chute Lake area is rough and very sandy.  Unfortunately this is still an area used by ATV and vehicle traffic and because of the inherent soft, sandy and dry conditions, the trail gets challenging for cyclists.  Keep this in mind when you are traveling and be sure to have good, wide tires for your trip.

Wildlife:  there have been sightings of bears around the Little Tunnel above Naramata – please keep your distance, do not distract them – they are trying to feed up for the winter and are busy with the berries ripening on the slopes.  Midway has had a cougar in the area – keep “little people” close and in front of you.  Rattlesnakes have also been spotted – Midway to Rock Creek and Naramata to Penticton are fairly common areas to see these – treat them as you would a bear – keep your distance, let them move out of the way and retreat if they are threatening (raised head/tail).  And wasps!! there have been a lot this year – be sure to have antihistamines and any allergy medication with you – even if you are not allergic it is a good idea to have a general antihistamine while you are out there in case of a severe reaction or multiple stings.

And other than that! it’s the usual – amazingly beautiful scenery out there – lots of people having a fabulous time – just remember, the KVR is a WILDERNESS TRAIL – and prepare for that and you will have a wonderful time – it’s a great trail to travel on, whether for just a day or a week or more – have fun, happy trails!


July 27th, 2013: 

Myra Canyon Trestle Bridge #3 – no change! sorry, but the work is taking much longer than anyone expected to open a detour around the closed trestle #3.  Some people have been trying the old bypass from 2003 which was put in place when the trestles were burnt in the forest fires.  We have a group out there today and will post their update/feedback here in the next few days.  In the meantime you can also keep a watch on this link: Myra Canyon Restoration Society.

White Cabin Bridge – Good news!  this repair work on the bridge just past Paul Lautard’s rest stop in Rhone was, we are extremely pleased to report, reopened well ahead of schedule.  Many thanks again to the good people at Emcon services and the Ministry of Transportation for their efforts to keep a lane open on this bridge for cyclists and hikers to continue to use the Trail – this was an excellent example of local business and government showing what it can do to facilitate necessary repairs and accommodating KVR Trail users – long may it continue!

Beaverdell – well yes, there was indeed a kilometre of trees down on the KVR about 5 km’s south of Beaverdell – we were in the neighborhood one hot sunny day and cleared it through – happy to say it wasn’t too arduous although it was about 35 degrees!  well worth the effort as a group of 5 women came along just to help push the last few branches away and their gratitude was enough for us ?

General notes on conditions:  the last month has been extremely hot and dry in all areas on the KVR and has now resulted in very soft conditions with large areas of loose sand.  Be prepared – your average speed in these hot and loose conditions will be slower than usual – pace yourself, ride with wide tires with a bit more pressure and carry plenty of water – if you are doing multi day routes without support, carry water purifying tablets or filter.

Happy trails from us at KVR Outfitters – Bike Rentals & Tours & your hosts of this website – we hope our services are helping you find your way along the KVR – please feel free to drop us a line at anytime at

June 21st, 2013:

Myra Canyon Trestle Bridge #3 – closed due to a rock slide in April 2013.  Crews are working to rebuild the bridge and to construct a detour which should be available early to mid-July.  If you are intending to pass through this area you currently need to detour via White Lake Forestry Road or via June Springs & Myra Station roads.  Both detours are arduous and for seasoned cyclists only.  Shuttles can be arranged – for more information Contact Us.

White Cabin Bridge – closed to all vehicle traffic for repairs from approx. June 24th to August 2nd, 2013.  However! the very good people at Emcon Services will maintain one cycle lane only open during working hours.  If you have a group and a date you will be passing through, please give them a call and they will be expecting you and help provide safe and timely crossing.  The White Cabin Bridge is located just north of the the Little Dipper Hideaway Campground & B&B and Paul Lautard’s cyclist rest stop and south of Beaverdell.  Emcon can be contacted at 250-442-2025.

Beaverdell – exact location TBC however there is reportedly a section of about 1 kilometre of trees down on the trail due to heavy late wet snow this spring.  Some efforts have been made to clear this section of trail, however you may want to divert to highway 33 for about 5 km’s.  We will update here when we have been in to see the exact location, however it is approximately 3-5 kilometres south of Beaverdell.

General Notes on conditions:  heavy rainfall in the area combined with snowpack melt in higher elevations has contributed to large areas of standing water on the trail from Arlington Lakes to Idabel Lake turnoff as well from McCulloch Lake to Myra Canyon and from Ruth Station to Chute Lake.  Pulling trailers will prove to be a challenge and at the very least expect wet feet! 

For more trail updates please visit Trails BC brand new and fabulous website!

Enjoy the ride!