Be prepared for some fabulous scenery and mostly easy riding.

This section is a mixture of trail and paved road (Hwy 97) and travels south along river channels, marshes and past rolling hills of vineyards and orchards. Potentially the hottest weather in this area.

5 km: Lakeshore Drive to Skaha Lake

This route begins from the shores of the Okanagan Lake at the north end of Penticton, near the SS Sicamous. Follow the pathway beyond the rose garden which will lead you to the Channel Pathway along Hwy 97 heading south at Skaha Lake.

7 km: Skaha Lake to Kaleden

Turn left down Lakehill Road to Skaha Lake and trail access on the west side of Skaha Lake. From here the trail skirts along the lake past Sickle Point (lots of birds – watch for Trumpeter Swans) and comes out into the lovely community of Kaleden. You will see the remnants of the old Kaleden Hotel on your right as you head south. Built in 1912 it closed during WW1 and with the advent of the Depression, gradually succumbed to all the fixtures and fittings being taken down and sold off. Just past the hotel you will arrive at the Kaleden Pioneer Park with washrooms and beach access.

8 km: Kaleden to OK Falls

The trail turns into Ponderosa Avenue for a ways through Kaleden – just keep the lake on your left and continue south and you will be on trail again. The railway trestle at the end of the lake brings you to the waterfront park in Okanagan Falls.

23 km: Okanagan Falls to Oliver & 21 km: Oliver to Osoyoos

In Okanagan Falls head south on Maple Street – (go 2 blocks east of Hwy 97 to access) which will give you a quieter option from Hwy 97. Maple Street
turns into Oliver Ranch Road and comes complete with great scenery, a few wineries and a few hills. This road ends at Hwy 97 near the north end of Vaseux Lake.

At this point, it is necessary to cycle along Hwy 97 heading south. The trail begins again at the junction of Hwy 97 and Tuc-el-nuit drive – approx. 14.5 km. Watch for the parking lot across from the Oasis Gas Station. There are a number of access roads over the next 17 km that you can take to turn west into Oliver or visit many of the wineries in the area. Hwy 97 from Oliver to Osoyoos offers many roadside fruit and vegie stands with local produce.

From the trail parking lot, head over the bridge and follow the trail slightly downhill along the Okanagan River south through pretty country of marshes and rolling hills covered in orchards and vineyards. The trail is paved then hard packed gravel and ends at Road # 22.
Turn west towards Hwy 97 on Road 22 then south on Hwy 97 for the final 6 km to Osoyoos.

Total Lakeshore Drive, Penticton to Osoyoos – approximately 57.5 km including approximately 20.5 km on Hwy 97 South where there is no trail.

The ultimate challenge! cycle the Full Circle Route – Midway to Midway.

Osoyoos to Midway

If you ride beyond Osoyoos, you will be faced with the daunting climb up Mount Anarchist but once you have summited, the ride is predominantly downhill or flat – and there is something peculiarly satisfying about completing a full circle route!

This final section is on the road, Hwy #3 East, until you reach Rock Creek where you can return to the trail or continue on the road. It is pleasant enough with a good shoulder and not much traffic. From Rock Creek you can cruise the final 20.8 km by road to Midway, or return to the trail.

This day is potentially the longest ride at 68.9 km, or spend one last “trail night” in Rock Creek at km 48 before finishing your ride to Midway the following morning.

From Main St/Hwy 3 E in Osoyoos, begin cycling out of town and slightly uphill.

You will pass the N’Kmip winery on your left which is definitely worth a visit if you haven’t the previous day! Just past here you begin to really climb and continue to do so for about 18 km. The climb is predominantly 6-7% grade. Best tip is to do this early in the morning before the heat!

Enjoy the views along rolling grasslands as you reenter Boundary Ranch Country. The final 3 km into Rock Creek is a steep descent with one switchback.

Either spend a night in Rock Creek, or if you continue on the road you have another 20 km to Midway on Hwy 3 E. To access the KVR, turn left in Rock Creek onto Hwy 33 (at the bottom of the descent), cross the bridge over the Kettle River and pick up the trail on the opposite side.

Arrive Midway – your Circle Ride complete! Congratulations!

Photo coming soon