How it all started…

Canadian born, keen cyclist, tour guide and eco-tour business co-owner in New Zealand, Paula Sheridan recognized a lack of online information for the KVR Trail while trying to research a trail ride for a group while she was in New Zealand.

Returning that summer to Canada she canvassed information centres, accommodation providers and general businesses along the KVR and was encouraged to Yes! please build a website. So she did – riding the trail, talking to everyone she could along the way, and this is the result! Launched in 2011 this website now sees over 2500 visits/day in the busy summer months – wow! That’s a lot of keen riders!

Once information was online, the KVR began to have a resurgence and this led to her next step of servicing the trail by launching KVR Outfitters – Bike Rentals & Tours.

The bike rentals came first, but as Paula had worked as a cycle tour guide in Canada and New Zealand for many years, the selfguided and supported tours were added in 2012/13.

With a focus on providing support to cyclists, from children to octogenarians, from day trips to 2 week adventures, she has helped hundreds from around the globe experience the Kettle Valley Rail Trail – challenging though some sections can be, you can be assured of support, detailed information and a comfortable place to rest along the way and plenty of good food to sustain you!

This year, Paula is very excited to launch the next step in assisting cyclists, whether on one of her tours or going it alone, with the new KVR maps. These colourful and helpful maps show places to stay, detours and the route of the KVR through the Carmi Subdivision – the most popular part of the KVR from Mile 0 in Midway to Penticton as well as the Southern Spur route to Osoyoos.

Kettle Valley Rail was launched in May of 2011 by Paula Sheridan. This site is completely written and published by a single person, dedicated to the ongoing development and use of the KVR trail for cyclists, equestrians and hikers.

If you found this site helpful, please send in your comments, suggestions for improvement or a donation to support ongoing development.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy the ride!
Paula Sheridan